Henley Square - Adelaide South Australia
Project type: Place making - sea side square and pier
Project collaboration: Collaboration with Luke and Lou Novotny
Design time: 2013

Project background: Henley Square is coastal suburb of Adelaide. The location is one of a number of suburbs along a long beach. The place is identified by a square and pier that is a shadow of its initial celebration of the seaside of the early 20th century. The brief asked designers to recall the reason for the squares amenity. The objective of the design team was to recalibrate the amenity of the square to a people centric location that offered a place for the community to gather and identify with.

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Looking back at Henley Square
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Henley Square entry
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One of the competition master planning diagrams
Backpackers Barcelona
Project type: Backpackers hostel in the gothic part of Barcelona
Project collaboration: No collaboration on this one - concept, drawings, rhino modelling and rendering done by Kevin Bradley
Design time: 2011

Project background: The approach to the hostel accommodation was simply to address the Pla
ça dels Àngels and the Museum of Modern Art whilst referencing the domestic apartment scale of the gothic neighbourhood to the upper floors.

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North facade and looking to Montjuïc

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Plaça dels Àngels and the Museum of Modern Art

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North facade and looking to Montjuïc

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Looking out to Montjuïc from communal foyers

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Entry and bar

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Street render