Intensive Learning Centre - Mid North Coast Correctional Facility
Project type: Pilot learning centre project incorporating prefabricated construction. 4 classrooms. Library. Office. Amenities block
Project collaboration: This project is an initiative between NSW Corrective Services and UTS Designing Out Crime.
Design time: 1 year
Construction time: 6 months
Year: 2013. Completion March 2014
Construction budget: $N/A

Builder: Prefabrication by St Heliers Correctional Centre

Project background: The Centre is a new education facility within the grounds of Mid North Coast Correctional Facility. The Centre seeks to provide a unique learning environment for inmates as a platform to reenter society. The Centre is made up of a number of prefabricated learning modules, an office, a library, and utility block that were constructed off site by indigenous inmates on a construction learning program at the St Helliers Correctional Facility.

The client brief asked for the architecture to reach beyond the walls of the prison. The cloud roof forms were adopted throughout the centre's learning spaces as a metaphor for the connection to community. The clouds that pass over the centre are the same that pass over the inmates communities.

The Centre has featured on the ABC 'Prison Program -
Life Changing'

This project was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be involved as an architect with a government client who was passionate about the potential of teaching (environment) being a path to reducing recidivism, and a research group that facilitated the realisation of the idea. The project aligns with our business objectives of the potential of design and are summed up in the quote form the inmate in the above story,

"Just to get my mind off the criminal stuff, to do it all legit and make money, do it the proper way, work hard for it.

When I leave here I want to be a tradesman for building and construction so I can build my own house, and plus show all my niece and nephews all the skills I've learnt."

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The yarn cycle and the clouds.
The yarn circle was included as part of indigenous ways of learning and exchanging information.

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The cloud roof concept - Kevin Bradley

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Landscape concept. Sketch - Kevin Bradley

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Landscape concept. Sketch - Kevin Bradley

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Classroom module- Kevin Bradley
Rule of 3 (Stephen Heppel) - no more than 3 enclosing walls - more than 3 points of interest - able to conduct 3 types of learning delivering methods

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Classroom section - Kevin Bradley.
The cloud roof.