Bradley Architecture is design studio with a social agenda at its core. The studio engages in projects that promote positive outcomes for the individual and the broader community. The studio collaborates with a broad group of consultants and community/industry groups to achieve a harmonious design outcome. We enjoy working with a wide array of clients and stakeholders from the individual residential to the community project.

Kevin Bradley is a registered architect with a back story of 30 years in the construction industry.

Along with social design projects and teaching in design studies, Kevin is undertaking a PhD in architecture. The focus of the PhD is in the architectural design of prison environments. Specifically, whether design can be connected with citizenship and maintaining connection with community whilst incarcerated. The research position is that prisons are designed as a collection of functions without the acknowledgement of normal social interactions that we, as normal citizens rely on in our daily lives whilst the inmate has these experiences removed. How can design assist the inmate return to society as a functioning and contributing citizen?
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