Bradley Architecture has social agenda as its core philosophy. There are two streams; Architecture, and Research.

The architecture stream builds on 30 years of design and construction experience.

The research stream includes professional design consultancy services, teaching, and, the PhD project 'Citizen prison: Investigation into a citizen-centred approach to prison design' .
The PhD research investigates the qualities of prison environments and its influence on the individual's life as a social-citizen, rather than the temporary role of inmate. The research is a socially inclusive, design-based
investigation of prison design through consultation with participants from within and outside of the prison environment.
Clients and collaborators

NSW Department of Justice
NSW Corrective Services Industries
NSW Aboriginal Housing Office
The very first modular concept house is nearing completion. It will soon be departing for its place at Moree.

I would like to acknowledge all who are currently working to make this idea a reality - and also those that have contributed to the project.

Special acknowledgement to the staff and workers at St Hilliers Correctional Complex.
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The 'Gathering' - Concept markings for AHO modular housing
October 2018
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